What Is VADER Coating?

By Uncle D | July 29, 2019


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Thermal Dispersant VADER:  a submicron thermal conductivity management system developed for enhancing heat transfer away from an energy source.

Heat transfers more rapidly when there is a large difference in temperature. This hghly specialized coating disperses heat by shedding oil from off of the rod more quicker. By shedding the oil more rapidly, cooler oil is splashed onto the rod more frequently. If oil "sticks" to the part longer, it absorbs less heat and blocks cooler oil from contacting the hot surface. We don't want that.

You have to remember...the longer hot oil sticks to a part, the more the part is going to increase in temperature. The hotter the part becomes, the more its yield strength goes down. Heat kills parts...heat likes your pocketbook.

VADER will help prevent this from happening.



Our VADER coating is NOT an anodized surface treatment. Let me say that again. It is NOT an anodized surface treatment.

There have been many folks throughout the years that have discounted these rods as possessing your "standard" chemical treatment for corrosion resistance and good looks, just as with many other performance components in the industry. People see aluminum that is "black" and instantly assume it's been anodized. This is highly incorrect.

Anodized surface treatments are all well and good, and definitely have their place...but we find it best to use other methods to achieve the functional excellence that we always strive for.

Enter: VADER Coating.


With over 450 abusive passes…over 10 grand through the traps…60 plus pounds of boost…multiple season usage…swinging hard and violent in 7 and 8-second cars, it really is no mystery why these rods perform the way they do.

We don't just spray the rod, cure it, and call it done, No sir...we spray the rod, oven cure it for one hour, let cool, and stick it BACK into the machine for a few more necessary operations. This is why our rods look different from anyone else's in the world. It's the details. Sure, this takes more time, but we think it's well worth doing as we not only wanted to create a kick-dick performing connecting rod but a connecting rod that looked like it was going to crush skulls and egos...pure evil.

We feel that our VADER coating is an important slice of the equation why our connecting rods are at the top of their class…and stay on top.


  • Rapidly Disperses Heat Away from the Coated Component
  • Unparallelled In Oil Shedding Characteristics
  • Distributes Heat More Evenly Across a Coated Surface…No Hot Spots
  • Excellent Chemical and Corrosion Resistance…Chem-Tool, Laquer Thinner, Anti-Freeze, and MEK Won’t Even Budge It
  • Aids In Cooling Heat Sensitive Components
  • Cosmetically Appealing In Its “Ready for War” Flat-Black Appearance


End of story.

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