VADER Mechanical Fuel Pump Bracket – 4G63


The next evolution in mech fuel pump mounting strategies for the 4G63




Simplicity by Design: Simple is a very hard concept to maintain. It is also the most elegant. That was the mindset when creating the VADER MFP bracket.

Tactical Weapon Coated: At the top of the toughness coating chain, it was a no-brainer to apply this new formulation. NOT an anodized surface treatment and an entirely different coating than what are rods possess, this coating was sprayed for its durability, corrosion, and chemical resistance…and for just plain and simple militant brutishness for those that don’t attend church regularly. Even the “brush-polished” components in the kit are clear coat protected with a formulation specially designed for aluminum. NICE!

Why do we go through all this extra work? To assure that this assembly is the best looking piece under your hood now…and STILL, look new years later. THAT is what separates the men from the boys. We prefer to always think ahead…and not just live “in the now” to get a part out the door.

Set-Screwed Coupler: We have found through in-field testing, that the coupler half on the pump side, can “slide” up against the pump’s housing, causing an aluminum gunk mess (it happens at 10k+ RPMs). We have alleviated that issue by the simple addition of a set screw to make “coupler slide” something you just don’t have to think about anymore.

Installation Ease: This is always a good thing. Designed with the guy “turning the wrenches” in mind, our bracket does not need both cams (or both cam gears) removed to install. Only the T-Belt and exhaust cam/cam gear needs to be removed in order to FULLY install this piece. The VADER MFP Bracket also allows plenty of room for cam gear adjustment if necessary. Want to experiment with a crazier ramped intake cam? No problemo. Nothing will stand in your way.

Stainless Hardware: Of course. The quality of this piece absolutely screams for hardware that won’t corrode. We include it ALL. Even the screws to mount your pump to this bracket.

Made to Allow the Most Clearance Possible: Designing something being “mechanic friendly” always has its challenges. And we realize that not all cam driven MFP installs will take place within the “roomier” constraints of RWD swaps. Our bracket will sink the pump towards the cam gear as much as possible which will give you that precious clearance we all long for at the chassis side. To achieve this clearance and STILL be able to function (let alone able to install it easily) has always been a balancing act. We believe we nailed it.

Weight Savings: Take the weight of the competitor’s assembly…then divide that by half. Yes, in HALF. Then take off a little bit MORE. That is what you get with the VADER MFP.



* NOTE FOR 1G OWNERS: Does NOT work with the Aeromotive pumps without severe hacking to your motor mount. We do not recommend such a hillybilly approach of fitment. However, Magnafuel (and of course Waterman) pumps have no issue whatsoever. I have no clue about Weldon. These brackets (as well as ANY mechanical fuel pump bracket for that matter) also do not work with overly thick-flanged cam gears (like AEM’s TruTime gears). This will position your pump so far outwards that it will not have sufficient “meat” for clamping at its collar. In other words, if you need a longer than factory cam gear bolt to install your cam gears, then no soup for you. Don’t say I didn’t say it.


Every single part of the assembly is 100% TRUE BLUE AMERICAN MADE BABY!

Doing our part to keep American manufacturing at the forefront.

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