WE ONLY SHIP TO THE ADDRESS THAT YOU HAVE ON FILE WITH PAYPAL. We'll also add that PayPal is now the ONLY method of payment that we accept for our goods/services. If this seems like "a pain" to you and you're thinking "You guys are the only Vendors that do that sort of thing.", then please remember, it's the bad apples out there that dictate the actions we need to enforce for others to follow. This is for everyone's security. It's a good thing. If you still don't like it, then go kick a credit card thief and/or chargeback abuser in the Lance Armstrong. Submit a verifiable video of this action, and we might throw you a discount just for the entertainment value alone.

We exclusively use Fed Ex Ground for all of our connecting rod orders. The only exception is for International orders...they are shipped via USPS...which leads us smoothly right into...

International orders: Please bear in mind the strange and odd estimated delivery times USPS claims. For example, Priority International is 6-10 days. We've seen packages in the past take up to 20 days to reach the buyer's hands (depending on their specific country's Customs department). Experience throughout the years has shown Canada seems to be one of the worst for dragging their feet. We're not sure what's going on over there, but we find it only fair to inform you that a lengthened ETA *could* be the case. We find it also difficult to track International orders. Once it leaves the US, then it's pretty much out of our hands. Sound scary? No sweat. For over a decade of using USPS for our International mailings, it has been a very reliable and economical shipping method to offer our customers.


Any return must be approved by FFWD Connection in advance, must be in original unopened package, and must be in resellable condition. We will NOT accept any component that has been altered, installed or damaged in any way. Custom order items are NOT returnable nor cancelable once the order is placed with us. Customer is responsible for return shipping charges on ANY returned item...defective or otherwise. COD returns will NOT be accepted. All custom orders that are not fully paid for, within 30 days of the job's completion, the item(s) will be sold for the charges that are owed to us. Unless the component is found to be defective, there will be a restocking fee of 25% on all returned items and/or canceled orders. Shipping charges incurred at the time of placing your order will NOT be refunded.


By no means do we sell or distribute your info to any money-grubbing bloke out there. Any and all information collected on this site will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, disclosed, loaned, or traded for a dimebag. We like privacy at home...we figure you do too! We also guarantee the highest possible encryption levels for your online transactions. Our SSL "Let's Encrypt" certificate is signed with NIST recommended 2048 bit signatures and provides up to 256-bit encryption of data on every single dadgum page of our site. Rest assured, your sensitive info is kept safe and under lock and key.

Need proof? Look for the little green padlock icon to the left of your browser URL window. You'll see it...


We exclusively use PayPal's credit/debit card gateway to process all of our orders. That means, ALL orders are processed online.

Click and click. Done and done.

Phone orders will follow the same practice. We can discuss your needs in great detail, but for the sake of security and order accuracy, we CANNOT accept payments over the phone.


If you have special needs that cannot filled by our "clickable" online product line, then you will need to submit the Custom Rod Order Form for review, invoicing, and online payment

Once submitted, we will review and email you a PayPal invoice so that you can conveniently pay directly online.

Before we put your order "inline", payment will have to be submitted. So with that said, we give you two payment choices:

First, your invoice will give you the convenient option of paying only HALF of the projected cost. Full payment is NOT required to forge ahead and start making the chips fly! Once your order is complete, we will invoice you for the remaining balance. We do this to help with your racing program finances. We understand money doesn't grow on the proverbial trees.

Second, if you prefer to pay for the entire order upfront, we accept that as well. Up to you. We're easy.


Any modifications found here are to be done at YOUR own risk. We do not accept responsibility for problems that may arise. The modifications shown may not be legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles for use on the street and are therefore for off-road use only. Always wear your seatbelts. No warranties exist, expressed, or implied, unless otherwise indicated. Any warranty issue with a product should be handled by the manufacturer in accordance with their instructions.

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